A while ago I posted a video about Norway on Mixx and received some requests to post more like this. I am pleased to share a video called “Nature at its best” that guides you through the landscape from south to the north of Norway. See the famous Norwegian fjords, glaciers, mighty mountains, go all the way to North Cape and the midnight sun.

Enjoy the freedom of wild and beautiful Nature.

Music: Perfect by Fountainheads
Video by visitnorway.com

Visit the Nature near you, its there and waiting for you to come.



A while back I wrote an article about Mira Craig, who became famous overnight because of her infamous stage dive.

This time I will tell you about how fast fame can go in the opposite direction.

17 years ago Erik Hartman hosted a Belgian Television show called Boumerang. The program was followed by many with Argus eyes, because it raised controversial topics for its time.

In a program about medical failures, everything went wrong for Erik Hartman.

On that particular show, Hartman had two guests in the studio, who suffered from disabilities due to botched medical procedures. Marijke, a woman, had been paralyzed from a injury to her spine, and Velerej, a man, had his voice cords damaged in a routine surgery.

Because Valerej's voice had become very high pitched due to his surgery, Hartman struggled to remain serious, and eventually he lost all self control, which unfortunately for him, resulted in his continuous laughter.

This episode led to Erik Hartman being fired and the program was canceled.

In this interview he tells us his side of the story and the fatal clip from the TV show appears. Please watch the video before you read on.

Attention: If you are sensitive or offended by sarcasm please think twice before you watch the video.

What's the big difference between Mira Craig and Erik Hartman?

First and foremost, you may safely conclude that for Mira Craig, she became an overnight success, even though her escapade was terribly embarrassing, while for Erik Hartman, it became the tragic end of his TV career. His TV guests were ridiculously treated in a tragicomic setting. In other words, an overnight failure.

At least that was my opinion, until I recently found out that I'd been fooled.

Yes, I and many other have been fooled like idiots for several years, because the video you just watched is a fake. Or, more correctly, it's a sketch that was made for a Belgian Satire show called "In De Gloria". Erik Hartman is portrayed by the actor Tom Van Dyck, Valerej by Lucas Van Den Eynden, and An Miller plays Marijke.

Visit Wikipedia to read more about In De Gloria

In hindsight, I admit to have laughed at this video many times. It's a relief for my conscience to realize this was only a sketch and not real. Actually upon further introspection, I'm now asking myself, how could a professional T.V. host like Erik Hartman, have lost all sense and sensibility?

Please excuse my bizarre sense of humor - years of extreme sports have had a damaging impact upon my finer sensibilities!



We had our first snowfall a while ago and King Winter blessed us with beautiful weather afterwards. I went for long walks to become acquainted with this year's king. These are some of the photos I took and would like to share with you.

Photos by Lisa, NetSnacks

Frost Bite

Frost Bite

King Winter Beauty

King Winter Beauty

Black Winter Creek

Winter Creek

Bleach Sun

Bleach Sun

Winter Dawn

Please take care of the beauty around us



These two commercials were created for the Norwegian oil company Hydro. They are looking for innovative young engineers, and are using these movies to recruit the kind of engineers they prefer.

The movies are funny and creative. I think you'll like them.

A remote controlled car

These kids have done some "minor" engineering on their dad's car. His morning drive to work apparently didn't go as he had expected.

Train Loop

Some enthusiastic kids rebuilt a railway track through team work and "borrowed" equipment.

Hydro's slogan is:

There are many young engineers, and we are excited to see them grow up

Hydro should be careful what they wish for. My advice is Don't let your kids do this at home. Meanwhile be sure to encourage knowledge and creativity because

The youth are our future

Love and Kisses