At Christmas time I spend much time socializing with friends and family. This year is no exception. Its particularly fun to gather friends who live elsewhere in the country you haven’t met for a long time. Recently there has been a lot of that because many of them have come home for Christmas. We are chatting and laughing about all the crazy things we did in our childhood, while enjoying a good meal and a few glasses of wine.

No gathering without music and the top gathering song this Christmas is "Stop Draggin ' My Heart Around” performed by Rob Thomas and Joss Stone. It’s a great rock/soul tune with lots of drive that puts you in rockin’ good mood that you can easily sing and dance to.

Here it is – play it LOUD and enjoy

Rock on \m/

Lisa :o)


So it's Christmas again, and I feel the tickling expectation I feel every time. Everything is ready for the Christmas celebration and I look forward to spend time with family and friends.

I would like to give you a Christmas present that I hope you will like and appreciate. It’s a beautiful Norwegian Christmas song called "En stjerne skinner I natt" (A star is shining tonight) sung by Maria Arredondo. There is an English translation below the video I found at Karis blog


This is the holiest hour
Heaven is now in sight
Listen to bells that are chiming
Christmas has come tonight

Sweet are the voices high above
Singing of peace and of love
All of the world is filled with light
A star is shining tonight

A newborn baby is sleeping
Heaven is near, this night
The Lord has sent us to see Him
Under the star, so bright

Sweet are the voices high above
Singing of peace and of love
All of the world is filled with light
A star is shining tonight

Quietly resting among us
On Bethlehem’s golden straw
Night’s given way, as we’re standing
Watching this child with awe

Here, we can dream about that peace
Which has been lost for so long
Heaven has given us this child
And Earth is filled with song

I wish you all a Merry Christmas or GOD JUL

Take care of yourself, family and friends.



The Norwegian women's national team became European champions in handball on Sunday. The final was played against Spain, and Norway won the match 34 – 21. After an even first half the Norwegian team dominated the second half and won comfortable. The Norwegian national team also won Olympic gold medals earlier this year.

This is the first time the Spanish women's national team made it to the final and they deserve much praise and honor for their efforts. Spain has fought hard throughout the tournament and surprised many with their achievements. They play attractive and effective handball and the Spanish team will be interesting to follow in the years ahead.

Shortly explained a handball match is played in two times 30 minutes. It’s a demanding sport with lots of speed and action. Tactics and defense are important ingredients; where scoring goals is a painful and tough business.

The video below gives a good idea of how tough a handball match is. If you think American football is rough, take a look at a handball player's day at the office:

(Norway national team in red jerseys)

Congratulations girls, to become European champions in a 12 days tournament is an impressive and painful achievement.

I'm proud of you :o)



Sometimes "things" sneak into my mind and take control over my life. You may have experienced this yourself with a movie, a book, a song, a person, a job, or a lover. The strange thing about this phenomena is that your life become lost around this "thing" and you can't have enough of whatever this thing is.

Recently this hit me hard and it's about to drive me crazy.

It all started when I visited a member profile over at Mixx, and discovered a music video of "Simple Man", by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I had never heard the tune before, But from the first time I heard the song it went straight into my heart and has stayed there ever since.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but this particular song is currently dominating my entire life. I have to listen to it over and over again - before I go to bed, while eating, working on my computer or taking a walk outside. Everyone who visits me must listen to Simple Man whether they like it or not, otherwise they will suffer my wrath!

Even when I'm not playing it, I still hear Simple Man played loud and clear in my head. I must hum or sing the tune while people around send me worried looks.

Another thing that's irritating is whomever I play Simple Man for, everyone seem to have heard it before. Well I haven't, and I don't understand how in heaven's name everybody else has heard this song, but it has never crossed my path.

Is this destiny?... Was I meant to be overdosed with Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man in my mid-twenties, and have the rest of my life spoiled by this obsession?

The music video is a beautiful live version that lasts over seven minutes. The song grabs and hold me firmly - the quiet organ layer, the drum back beats which give the song vitality along with the steady bass. Both powerful and soft guitars, and it's beautifully sung by the lead singer supported by harmonic backing vocals. The entire band seems to enjoy this performance, which adds a lot of positive energy to the song.

The song inspires me to write articles and poems, compose songs, spent time with friends that I haven't seen in quite a long time, and to call my parents on a daily basis.

But the song has now caused me to suffer from a personality disorder. It has become extremely annoying because my whole life revolves around Lynyrd Skynyrd and Simple Man. I don't want to play it, which is useless, because I just have to. Or could it be, that I want to? I'm not sure.

Help me....