Its kick off time for our behavior courses again due to a tremendous demand from women. This autumn we offer 12 courses based upon popularity and urgent needs. Please notice we do not offer the Drinking Behavior course anymore.

Course 1
How to fill up an icecube tray.
- Step by step, with slide show

Course 2
Toilet paper, it is true that it grows out of the toilet paper holder?
- Discussion Groups.

Course 3
Is it possible to lift up the toilet seat before you urinate, and is it possible to urinate without spilling on the floor, walls and bathtub?
- Practical exercises.

Course 4
Basic differences between the laundry basket and the floor.
- Slide show and descriptive diagram.

Course 5
After dinner, do the dishes take off and fly into the kitchen dishwasher?
- Video samples.

Course 6
How to overcome memory loss when it comes to remember birthdays ,anniversaries, other important dates, and call home when you are late.
- Brain Cell-shock therapy and full Lobotomy.

Course 7
Learn to find things, start by looking in the appropriate places instead of turning the house upside down while you scream and shout.
- Open discussion

Course 8
Giving her flowers does not cause any health damage.
- Graphics and authentic audiotapes.

Course 9
Real men ask road directions when they get lost.
- Confessions from reality.

Course 10
Is it genetically impossible to sit quietly when she parallel park?
- Driving simulator

Course 11
How to be a perfect shopping friend.
- Relaxation techniques, meditation and breathing exercises.

Course 12
Learning to live: Basic differences between mother and wife.
- Online classes and role plays


Is really necessary to send men on behavior courses?
Believe me it is, please take a look at the video below and you’ll understand:

The video is taped prior of one of our courses, I have to admit that we didn’t notice much difference after the first sessions.

How much does it cost?
That’s entirely up to the man, however it can be very expensive

Do you guarantee that your courses will help?
No, but you do get some time off.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Are you kidding, didn’t you watch the film?

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Rebecca Hardnail
Survival Expert and Chaos Consultant


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