I am about to move in to my new home on the web. Wished to create my own personal blog for a long time and finally I am about to realize it. Netsnacks is a blog about a many different things and the content will reflect my interests and what I am concerned about for the time being.

By nature I am a talkative person who has a lot to say. Fortunately is my network of friends and family a like, people with different interests and strong views. Discussions are usually lively when we meet and debate politics, economy, relationships, travel and leisure activities.

On the Internet I am an avid forum participant and simply love Social network sites. There are many knowledgeable and fun people on the Internet, so I have a tendency to spend much time posting or comment on others' posts. Internet fascinates me because you meet people from all over the World, and it is interesting to notice that we really are not that different. Most of us are concerned and worried over the same things.

This is what Netsnacks will deal with, people and the world around us. You are of course invited to visit me as often as you like and when you want. I will be very pleased if you take the time to comment or to write your own blog posts.

There are still a few things left before my Netsnacks home is ready to live in. However you know how it is; it’s always easier to refurbish when there is someone around you to task with.

Thanks for stopping by, please come back soon.

Take Care from Lisa


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