From time to time you have probably seen testimonials regarding profitable Internet companies. They launch their Internet business; get web site traffic quickly, tons of sales and laugh all the way to the bank. It wouldn’t surprise me if you right now are thinking about all the people you’ve heard of that never made it on the World Wide Web. As a matter in fact only a handful of the online venture launches will survive.

What’s the explanation on this? Are some people luckier than others? No they aren’t, they succeed thanks to good business sense, management and teamwork. Being a successful online entrepreneur requires commitment, dedication, willingness to invest and delegate or outsource several of the tasks to service providers that knows how the get the job done right.

The dominant player is web site traffic. With no web traffic all your preparations are wasted time. Without traffic you don't get any clients, and without any customers you don't make any money. Guess you know what I mean. The more web site traffic you and your team players generate the more sales and profit you make.

Another crucial element is to convert and monetize your traffic. Perhaps 2% to 4% of the visitors bites and become buyers of your product. With this in mind it’s evident that you need a substantial quantity of visitors straight away. However you don't yearn for any kind of traffic, you want potential buyers.

How can we get more traffic online? I presume you have heard of Search Engine Optimization and free traffic generated by the search engines. That is a generous traffic source if you are prepared to hang around for 3 to 6 months before some amount of visitors start coming. In fact, we can't be sure they send any web traffic at all. Search engines are unpredictable and if your SEO goes wrong or they change their algo and slap you - you may end up getting nearly no traffic. I recently read a blog post on How to Get More Traffic about bloggers giving up their blogs for similar reasons. Spam bots ruin their inspiration and in combination with little real traffic, bloggers simply give in and leave their blogs to its own destiny. The article is posted at Increase Blog Traffic

How can you solve this? By buying your way to success - advertising is the solution to generate massive and More Traffic FAST. Consider this, in the offline world you see commercials on Television or hear them on the radio - you see ads in the newspapers and magazines and so on. Is there any reliable reason for not doing the same on Cyber Space? I believe you see where I am heading - Buy Traffic and taste the pureness of success. This will cost you, but to make money you must invest money.

Several webmasters and marketers buy PPC ads, which is okay but that is not the only traffic source you should use. Advertise your products on places that have the web traffic you want. That could be blogs, ezines, directories, portals, social media and whatever sites is appropriate for you to promote a text ad or banner. The significant thing is that you drive in the audience that is interested in your buying your products. There are places where you can advertise for free. By all means please benefit from them too. Though, when you want a large volume of targeted traffic quickly, free sources most likely won't send enough traffic on short term. My point is; Generate Traffic from Multiple Sources - this is very, very important.

I hope you enjoyed this article. It’s based upon my own experiences made in the past months. Believe me, its possible make a nice amount of money online if you treat your online business serious and follow some simple proven steps. Like every other business its hard but rewarding work :o)

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Hesham said... @ December 4, 2009 at 2:53 AM

Hello Lisa, I am sure that buying traffic is on way of success, but some small biz can not afford it as buying links is not affordable for everyone, and this is why big companies has all the major traffic on the internet thanks to their capitals and products!

I recently started a blog about Making Money Online, I call it Famous Bloggers, it's basically the first corporation blog for Making Money Online tips and ideas, and we are about 9 authors at this time each write from his own experience.

On this I am trying to add all my blogging experiences to share with others. maybe you would like to check it out!

Lisa said... @ December 4, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Hello Hesham,

thank you for commenting I really appreciate it.

You know what, I've messed up a few times trying to make money online. My problem was that I didn't treat my online business as serious as my offline business.

One day I sat down and wrote a business plan, outlined goals, made a budget and an action plan.

From then things changed. Let me put it this way: research, dump it - research and dump it, research, go for it!! Preparations and action

I spend days searching for a niche that had potential within a reasonable budget. When I found it I bought my way to success. The competition was moderate. I had plans outlined for what to do when my criteria was fulfilled, and took action. Prepared the campaign and advertised like crazy.

It worked for me and I made my first profitable business online.

Visited your blog and read some of the posts there and will comment a bit later. Please notice my project was business, I would never buy traffic to for instance Netsnacks which not really a commercial site.

Ok, Hesham thanks again it was nice hearing from you.


McCafferty Himself said... @ December 4, 2009 at 8:58 PM

Lisa, Now I know why I like you. You know what you want and you go after it. So many folks do not do that. They just sit and wait for life to come to them. Kudos to you for living the way life should be lived.

Lisa said... @ December 5, 2009 at 8:50 PM

Hello McCafferty Himself - Long time no see :o)

What a nice comment, thanks very much. You know one should just go for it. The thing that can go wrong is that you fail...

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