President Obama, Nobel Prize
8.15 AM local time Air Force One landed at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. The President and First Lady of USA walks down the stairs smiling and waving to the people who are there to welcome them to Norway.

President Obama is in town.

It's a historical day, for the first time in the Nobel Prize history is it awarded to the sitting President of USA. Of course this lead to controversies in Norway and the chairman of the committee, Mr. Torbjorn Jagland, was heavily criticized in the aftermath of the announcement. From the news I understand this lead to the same in the USA.

It’s important to understand the intensions of the Prize, its meant to reward and encourage a person or organization that is making a difference peoples life’s and welfare. Question is; has President Obamas made any difference? Some say he received it too soon, others say he hasn’t achieved anything yet, while some claim he doesn’t deserve it at all.

My opinion is that he indeed deserves it because of the goals he is chasing. These goals are ambitious and in a political aspect nearly suicidal, he could have been just another politician busy pleasing the press. He deserves the encouragement to pursue these goals, because in the end it will make a huge difference. He is a powerful man leading a powerful nation.

So, what do the Norwegians think about his visit? Let me tell you the truth, he seduced the entire nation and a massive Obama fever has hit Norway. The tradition is that people gather and parade in front of the Hotel to honor the Prize winner. Never in the history has so many people paraded as this year.

Congratulations USA! Please tell your President to use the authority of the prize wisely, and that he is welcome to visit us again.



Daisy said... @ December 13, 2009 at 3:14 PM

Lisa, this was so interesting to read from your viewpoint there. I agree with you. He is at least trying to make changes. I didn't know about how they have a parade there for the recipient. Neat post!

Lisa said... @ December 19, 2009 at 12:14 AM

Hello Daisy!!!

So sorry it took a while to publish your comment I always appreciate hearing from you. Obama, he was already popular in Norway. After his visit receiving the prize he has become extremely popular in Norway. I think everyone felt like he was the guy next door.. Very charming and someone you would like to have as your friend.

About the parade, yes that’s tradition. Lots of people parade and salute the prize winner in the evening. This year it was extraordinary, estimates say about 10000 people gathered to congratulate Obama with the prize. Normally somewhere around 5-6000 gather for this event.


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